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             As is the Suzuki way, I teach piano lessons as part of a "triangle" consisting of parent, child and teacher, each with different roles, working together to help each student learn to play fluently and musically, develop personal character, and experience the rewards, joys and fun of playing an instrument!  

             I help bring out the musical potential within each student, and I do so with the knowledge and experience that though students learn at different paces, all have the talent to play well.  An underlying principle of the Suzuki way is the "mother–tongue approach”, in which the learning of one's native language is viewed as a fundamental analogy to the learning of a musical instrument.  Creating a musical environment and allowing students to learn naturally through the senses are just 2 of many important aspects of Dr. Suzuki's approach.  His innovations in teaching musical instruments are recognized around the world as truly great and lasting contributions in the field of music pedagogy, and are monumental gifts to the world's children! 

             All lessons are given with a positive, step-by-step approach, in which the student improves and grows at his or her own pace. Students are provided a well-rounded curriculum that develops all aspects of good musicianship.   This includes the playing of a wide range of repertoire that I choose (and in some cases students choose) from many sources, and music reading, which becomes a major focus when the time is right.  In addition, we enjoy music together as we learn duets and ensemble pieces, and we have fun together in group activities in our music theory classes. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in the Music Teachers' Association of California Certificate of Merit program, as well as  masterclasses, auditions,  and competitions. 

           Before a new student begins lessons, I provide orientation classes (4-6 hours total) for his or her parent(s), especially to the one parent who will be attending the lessons while the student is young.  In these classes, parents learn in more depth about the process of mastering a complex skill, how they themselves are a part of that process, and how they can help the student be successful. The parent classes provide the groundwork for the lessons, and are an important factor behind the outstanding success of the many students I teach on a daily basis. These classes are scheduled at the parent’s convenience. 

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Piano Lessons

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